Program on Comparative Labour Market Research

Dear Social Science Community,

the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS) is delighted to announce admissions for two open positions in the newly established IZA-BIGSSS-Fellowship Program on Comparative Labour Market Research. 

The IZA-BIGSSS-Fellowship (65% full-time-equivalent, TV-L 13 salary in accordance with tarif regulations of German Public Service) is a research-related doctoral program funded by the German Institute of Labor Economics ( In addition to the regular curricular obligations at BIGSSS that will define the first three semesters of the program, the fellowship also provides for a practical, research-oriented part starting with the fourth semester. Fellows will then be working on their own dissertation in combination with thematically related research projects at IZA, raising and analyzing data and getting valuable insights in the functioning of a specialized research institute. The program is fully operated by BIGSSS, granting all fellows unrestricted access to the resources of the graduate school.

We cordially invite all those interested to upload their documents until April 15th, 2018 to our online admissions system: .

To see the details regarding program and applications requirements please check:


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